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DesiDriver Origins

DesiDrivers is the latest business created by Sober Drivers Pty Ltd, adding to the existing Perth Designated Drivers (est. 2010) and FamilyCab (est. 2016). University friends Lewis Cann and Michael Bowen started the company after seeing the success of Designated Driver services in Margaret River.

A Designated Driver Service provides customers with a professional driver who can drive them home in their own car. Prior to Perth Designated Drivers starting in Perth, no existing business would service customers without them first paying a membership fee. Lewis and Michael from Sober Drivers thought this was unncessecary and as such provided slightly cheaper service with no membership fees. As a point of difference, PDD changed that expectation in the market and now very few services run with a membership fee at their core. PDD has been running now for 7 years serving both corporate and private customers that use the service from 5 times a week to 1 time a year - no memberships required.

Lewis and Michael then started FamilyCab, a taxi style service that provides high quality car seats for families travelling with small children. With 5 kids between them, they knew how nessecary the service would be and it has been hugely successful in its short 12 month history.

Lewis and Michael then wanted to find a way to offer more affordable designated driving services and also to modernise their service with technology. DesiDrivers was created to provide affordable designated driver services in a way that is transparent, informative and efficient. Many people do not know about designated driver services in the first place and app technology gives a good platform to show the intrinsic benefits in the service and the differences between the higher and lower tier service.

As such, DesiDrivers is now in full swing, hoping to get a solid foothold in Perth before moving on to regional centres and beyond.

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Driving hungover is just as risky as drink driving.

A UK study has found participants that had been drinking the night before but still had a BAC of 0.00 were just as impaired in a driving simulator as participants that were over BAC 0.05.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always many question when you try a new service, even more when you've had a few drinks! Our staff compile our most frequently asked questions.


1mon ago    Lewis Cann    3min read

DesiDriver beginnings.

A designated driver is a new concept for alot of people, but it has a long history and the founders of DesiDrivers started their first designated driver service 7 years ago in Perth.

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