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How it Works!

The DesiDrivers app allows you to simply
book a driver to get you home
in your own car.

Had too much?

If you have your car and you are about to have more to drink than will keep your BAC below 0.05, start thinking about booking your DesiDriver.

Last drinks is called

When you know your not far off finishing, book your driver. Check the app for lead times.

Check the ETA

Once a driver is en route you will receive a notification. You can then track them, see their ETA and get their contact details if needed.

Hand over the keys

Once your driver arrives accompany them to your car and hand over the keys. The driver will take you home in your car!

Your Car, Your Style!

Your phone is already synced to the stereo, your jumper is in the back, you may even have a bevvy stashed away somewhere. Its your car!

Arrive Home

The driver parks your car in your driveway or garage, hands you the keys and away they go. Payment is taken care of unless you need to pay with a different method.


Why get a designated driver?

Not every situation calls for one, but here are some of the common reasons why!

  • You weren't expecting to drink but you're having too much fun!
  • You can't leave your car on the street or in the car park.
  • You really need your car the next day.
  • You have your kids with you and prefer they have their own car seats on the way home.
  • You have a car full of valuables, like band instruments or wedding presents.
  • You want to do errands around town before you end up at the party.
  • You need a boat towed or an animal transported.
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Our no-nonsense pricing.

Standard Insured

$39 + $2.50/km

all times

  • Driver insured to drive your car
  • Bookings Secured
  • Book for any time 24/7
  • Callouts guaranteed from 8am - 1am
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Uninsured DriverPopular

Uber fare x 2


  • Lowest price designated driver
  • Flexible booking times
  • Available between 4pm and 12am daily
  • All care, no responsibility
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Uninsured Driver service available within the blue line border

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Driving hungover is just as risky as drink driving.

A UK study has found participants that had been drinking the night before but still had a BAC of 0.00 were just as impaired in a driving simulator as participants that were over BAC 0.05.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are always many question when you try a new service, even more when you've had a few drinks! Our staff compile our most frequently asked questions.


1mon ago    Lewis Cann    3min read

DesiDriver beginnings.

A designated driver is a new concept for alot of people, but it has a long history and the founders of DesiDrivers started their first designated driver service 7 years ago in Perth.

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